Express Scheduling Option

Knock Down Another Barrier To Procedure Compliance

Chances are you have patients who claim they just "don't have time" for the procedure you've recommended. And using traditional processes, it does take a lot of time away from work and normal activities for both a physician office visit and a procedure on another day.

That's why we offer our "Express Scheduling Option."

For the medically appropriate patients, we do not require a physician consult in advance for routine procedures such as colonoscopy screenings. Our trained nurses will take H&Ps over the phone and get all necessary prep instructions and materials to your patients. All they have to do is show up at their procedure time.

This approach saves time by eliminating the extra physician consult as well as the cost of an added office visit for some patients. It also creates a single-phone-call experience for the patient with a professional walking them through the process.

Of course, you always have the option of a traditional consult prior to the procedure. Just wanted you to know that here, you have a choice for your patients.